Wednesday 20th Jun 2018

Lo spettacolo teatrale "Mumble Mumble" di Emanuele Salce si terrà il 27 maggio alle ore 17.30 al Club Italiano di Rugby.

Lo spettacolo ha il patrocinio dell’Ambasciata d’Italia ed è organizzato con la collaborazione del Consolato d’Italia a Città del Capo, il Comites delle Province del Capo e l’ICCT, nonché con il supporto di Belbon House.

Si tratta di un monologo ironico in italiano. L’ingresso è gratuito e seguirà un piccolo rinfresco.

Mumble Mumble in Johannesburg on the 20th of May
and in Cape Town on the 27th

Following 8 successful seasons of performance Mumble Mumble will be finally presented in 2018 to South Africa’s audience.  The event will be launched under the auspices of Embassy of Italy in Pretoria, with the collaboration of Consulate of Italy in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Società Dante Alighieri, Comites delle Province del Capo, and supported by Italian Club of Cape Town and Belbon House.

The show will be on stage on the 20th of May at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square, Sandton, Johannesburg and the 27th of May at the Italian Club of Cape Town in Rugby.
Mumble Mumble is a 3-part play telling the story of two funerals . . . and a half, as well as the deeds of the main characters in those days, personally experienced by the leading actor, Emanuele Salce.  

The first funeral is his father Luciano’s, when Emanuele was barely 20 years old.  While trying to get over a night of heavy drinking, he finds himself having no choice but to deal with this event all alone, tackling the worst possible scenario.  A reality not just alien to him, but also extremely awkward, between heir-hunting para-relatives, funeral home clerks chasing after him waving coffin catalogues, and the girl he has fallen head over heels with being just a teaser. 
The second funeral is Vittorio Gassman’s, his mother’s husband.  He experiences it as a 30-year old in a more conscious, well-aware manner, bearing witness to a genuine sacred and profane Carnivalesque show, involving unlikely political authorities and scenesters of all kinds: from lesser colleagues, to car salesmen, frustrated clerics, a throng of scoundrels uncorking bottles of fine wines, and reaching peak madness when all people gathering to pay respects end up side-tracked by the Euro 2000 Holland vs Italy semi-final match soccer event on TV.
The “third” funeral is his own: experienced through the encounter with a blonde Australian woman and an unfortunate laxative-related episode that takes place in a museum in Sydney: a crescendo culminating in a real as well as a metaphorical liberation.  It is worth recalling that this latter tale caught the attention of Sandro Veronesi who gave his own re-interpretation of it in his novel “Terre rare.” In the final part of the book we can read: “The author cannot take credit for the story narrated in chapter ten of the first part of the novel, as it is a cover version of the sensational autobiographical monologue written by Emanuele Salce, from his show Mumble Mumble – or, Confessions of A Two-Actor Orphan (by E. Salce and A. Pergolari). In addition to thanking him for having given permission to re-interpret this event, the author wishes to express his profound admiration.”
The audience member and director, Paolo Giommarelli, acts as a counterweight on stage: one minute he is an accomplice, the next he is a confession instigator who – with candid nonchalance – descants about Achille Campanile, Petrarch, ending with a procto-gastroenterology treatise. 
Confessioni Di Un Orfano D'arte
“Narrazione Impudica Di Due Funerali E Mezzo”
By Emanuele Salce e Andrea Pergolari
With Emanuele Salce e Paolo Giommarelli
Director Timothy Jomm
Distribution Altra Scena
Photography Di Scena Dania Martino
Costumes Giulia Elettra Francioni
20 maggio 2018 – h17.30 Auto & General Theatre on the Square, Sandton, Johannesburg
27 maggio 2018 – h 17.30 Italian Club of Cape Town, Donegal St., Rugby, Cape Town


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